Get Free Digital Student ID Cards for Your School

Chamera offers a complete online solution to schools for creating, distributing and managing digital student ID cards.

How It Works

With the technology upgrade, Digital Student ID Cards are making the students' and school admin lives smooth and easy. Thankfully, Creating a Digital School ID Card Is As Easy As A Walk In The Park …

Choose ID Card Design

Select the ID card from our collections of beautiful and professional-looking templates. Customise our Digital ID card templates to match your school's branding. This includes school colours, logos and more.

Upload Student List

Create classes and import the students' list with details such as name, student ID, contact information and other vital information for the ID card.

Send the IDs

Send the digital ID cards to the students via email and SMS. You can send all IDs at once and all the students will get the email containing 2 links, one for Apple or Google wallet and the other for the Chamera mobile app.

Why Should You Use Chamera Digital
Student IDs for Your School?

In this modern generation, everything is becoming digitalised and due to that, industries around the world are benefiting from it. Presence of digitalisation in schools has become necessary because it can shape the educational environment in a positive and effective way.

Meet Chamera - The futuristic student ID card maker. This excellent app is smart enough to transform how the school operates and allows you to manage the entire process of creating your Digital ID cards from start to finish with ease.

Save your time and energy thanks to Digital Student ID cards

The best thing is that you don’t have to invest huge amount of time to make the ID cards accessible to your students. Since it is digital, there won’t be any lost, forgotten or stolen issues. Also, the Admin can manage, produce and distribute the Digital Student ID cards without any hassle.

Edit student photos automatically in minutes using clever Artificial Intelligence

Transform your favourite pictures into an ID card photo with our AI photo editing tool. Bring a new look to the image by changing the background or crop to make it a perfect fit for the ID card. We have given the flexibility to our users to add various photos and edit them. This allows them to change the photos for different ID cards whenever they want.

Compatible with both Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Using a digital wallet provides us with a smooth and contactless experience since it requires a small number of clicks. Chamera allows students to save their Digital ID cards to both Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Use barcode to manage access control

With the barcode in the digital student ID cards, students can visually verify and prove their connection with a certain school. If it is integrated with other systems, the students can easily check in to events, and classes, access school buildings, and many more. The barcode process is secure as the information will be scanned and verified with a known database of students.

DIY photography for the students

Bring some fun by allowing the students to take their own photos using the Chamera mobile app or upload it from their gallery photos and then submit them. Otherwise, you can assign the same task to any people present in your organisation. When everything is done, you need to review the photos that the students submitted, edit them if necessary, and accept or reject them.

Easily launch digital student ID cards

You will be happy to know that all your students will get their Digital Student IDs on their registration day. The overall setup takes less than half an hour, and the system automatically synchronises photos related to the student accounts. Everything will be moderated by Chamera staff members and with the help of our dedicated customer service team, you will receive full service and support all the time.

Want to use Chamera for printed ID cards?

With the help of the Chamera app, you won’t need the help of external photographers to take photos. You can edit by yourself using our Artificial intelligence tool. Also, you don’t have to collaborate with the third-party printing company or school photographers because we will take all the responsibilities to get your job done. We have our dedicated partners, and if any school orders ID cards, we will print them through them and deliver them to the school. As you can see, schools don’t have to go through any hassle if they use our platform.

Security & Safety Features

Disclosure, Collection or Use of Personal Information

Whether it is sharing, data collection or storage standards, Chamera meets all the standards successfully. We always avoid collecting or using unimportant information for the safety of the school and students. Furthermore, we make sure no data is shared outside of any school, area, or even district. Also, the email addresses and names are kept strictly private.

Data Storage and Hosting

We are proud to say that our hosting facility is world-class and it allows dedicated and smooth connection with all schools. The facility is being operated in association with Amazon. In addition, all the backup data and replication will safely remain in your country.

No Advertising Policy

Chamera always makes sure students’ safety and security is on the first priority list. As a result, we never advertise to students. Moreover, school or student data is kept confidential and never used for advertising purpose.


Below you'll find answers to the most common questions
you may have on Chamera.

How much does Chamera cost?

Our service is free for small institutions who wants to create up to 100 ID cards . But if you are a large institution and require bulk actions, please contact us for pricing. 

Is it possible for the schools to customise the ID design?

Yes, you can easily do that. Chamera allows you to add the logos of your school and even modify the Student ID colors. In this way, your ID design will match with your school branding.

When you need to access the IDs, is it necessary to have internet connection?

Yes, you will need internet to view and check the student ID. Don’t worry! Our system has real time security features for privacy and security.

Do you have to use additional tools to use Chamera?

Chamera requires nothing as it is a smart tool that has no code. You simply need to create a free account and then choose your predesigned templates from our collection. After you are done with that, you can start customising the template and deliver the ID card to the students.

Is it a mobile or web-based app?

Chamera is both of them. It contains 3 apps in total, where 2 of them are mobile apps and 1 is a web-based app. In the mobile apps category, student app will be used by the students and photographer app for the photographers. On the other hand, the administration will use the web-based app for ID card management purpose.

Want to start issuing digital ID cards?