Chamera is here to revolutionalise how schools work.

Digitalisation is taking place everywhere! With the change in technology, government is encouraging the presence of digitalization in every area of life. In recent times, everything is being changed in sports, office, etc. in terms of digitalisation.

Chamera is here to revolutionalise how schools work. Our focus is to bring digitalisation in the school ID card system. This innovative approach guarantees a smooth and flexible online solution to get digital student ID cards for your school, making the life of school admins and students easy.

Brief History

The concept and development of Chamera are the results of many years' of experience in the student ID industry by Chamera C.E.O Mark Thomas.

For Mark, working as the CEO of one of Australia's oldest and most respected school photography companies has given him a unique insight into what schools need with their student ID requirements and opportunities to digitalise the entire process promptly and efficiently, including student images. Because the earliest ID card is also a high requirement, Chamera- an integrated Digital Student ID app, makes this a reality from the first day of the school year, using clever, intuitive software that allows you to manage the entire process of creating your digital ID card from start to finish.

Why Choose Chamera?

The flexibilities provided by Chamera are remarkable. An added advantage of our platform is that teachers and students interact and get to know each other quickly in a pleasant environment. After you select the desired template and upload the student list, the ID cards will be available immediately, eliminating the possibility of forgetting, losing or having the ID card stolen. Administrators can manage, produce and distribute student digital ID cards without any hassle.

In addition, the updated facility allows students to edit and upload their own digital images per requirements, using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) photo-editing tool. So precisely, Chamera brings full control of students' digital ID cards into the school without the need to engage an external third party- as a secure and flexible student ID solution for the modern age, integrated with school and student databases.

Want to start issuing digital ID cards?