We are living in the modern era where everything is going towards digitalisation Every institution incorporates technologies to match with phase and keep everything updated. Digital student ID cards are one of the vital parts that take place in this never-ending digitalisation process. 

There are so many online platforms where you can easily make your own digital ID card. Chamera is such a creative ID card maker with affordable pricing options and so many special features. 

No matter what institution you are running, you can leverage these benefits with this versatile digital student ID app. Let’s explore the appealing pricing options and features together to know which one will be best for you.

Pricing options

Chamera has six pricing packages, from FREE 100 to PLATINUM 5000. You can choose any of these packages in AUD (Australian Dollar) to fulfil all your requirements. The pricing options are:

FREE 100

This is a yearly package where you can make 100 digital ID cards totally free of cost. You can make no additional cards in the FREE 100 package. If you are connected with a small organisation this pricing option can be a great choice for you.


BASIC 250 offers 250 ID cards for $625 per year. In this package, you can make additional cards for $2.5 yearly basis if you need one


In this pricing option, you can make 500 cards only for $1125 per year. You can also create additional cards with $2.25 in every twelve months.

GOLD 1000

Here the price range is $2000 for 1000 cards each year. If you need some additional cards you can also make one for $2.0 yearly basis.


PREMIUM 2500 is a package where you can make 2500 digital ID cards in $4375 per year. You can also get additional cards only for $1.75 yearly basis.


Last but not least, PLATINUM 5000 offers 5000 cards in exchange of $7500 per year. In this package, the additional card making charge will be $1.5 what you need to pay in every twelve months.

Features and Benefits

Chamera is a budget friendly and user-friendly ID card maker with so many useful features. It is the leading application for creating and managing ID cards. Here’s a look at our top features and how they can benefit you:

1. Email and Phone Support for Assistance

With Chamera, you can get help whenever you need it. Our support team is available via email and phone to assist you with any issues or questions. We are here to ensure your experience with Chamera is smooth and hassle-free.

2. Add or Import Students for Digital ID

You can easily add new students or import existing ones into this digital student ID system. This feature saves you time, allowing you to quickly create digital IDs for all your students with just a few clicks.

3. Customised Templates for Both Digital ID and Physical ID

You have facilities to choose from a variety of templates to design unique digital student ID cards. Whether you need digital or physical IDs, Chamera offers customisable options to match your school’s branding and style.

4. Deactivate or Activate Digital ID Cards

With Chamera, you can effortlessly control the status of digital ID cards. You can deactivate or activate cards as needed, ensuring that only authorised students have access to their IDs at any given time.

5. Photo Editing Using AI Tool in Photo Lab

You can enhance student photos with our advanced AI photo lab. This tool helps you edit and improve photos, ensuring that all ID cards look professional and consistent.

6. Bulk Actions for Editing Photos and Sending Digital ID Cards

Chamera enables you to save time with our bulk action features. Edit multiple photos at once and send digital ID cards in batches. This is perfect for managing large groups of students efficiently.

7. Digital ID Card Data Moderation by Admin

You can maintain control over the information on digital ID cards with Chamera. Admins can moderate and update data as necessary, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

8. Digital ID Supported by Both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

Students can easily access their digital ID cards on their smartphones with the app. Chamera supports both Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, making it convenient for students to carry their IDs everywhere.

9. Chamera Mobile Application for Students

You can empower students with the Chamera mobile app. They can manage their digital IDs, receive updates, and access support directly from their phones, providing a seamless user experience.

Last words

With so many pricing options, features and benefits Chamera has become one of the best digital ID card makers. It has option for all whether you are a faculty member, employee or student. This user-friendly and supportive digital platform can help you in every aspect of making your own unique id card online.