For any student, a student ID card is indispensable, being one of the most powerful administrative tools. There are hardly any educational institutions that do not issue ID cards due to the advantage they offer. Not just it performs as an integral part of ensuring a secure learning environment, but in terms of fostering connections and streamlining day-to-day operations, there is no other alternative to student IDs. With all the information that needs to be handy if something important comes up, it is student IDs used as a source.

Simply say, the benefits are endless. No wonder why every educational institution, be it a school, college, or university, have an ID card system in place.

Switch from plastic to digital IDs to boost the digital game

Since today when online courses, digital textbooks, augmented reality, online exams, and artificial intelligence are unfolding in the modern education industry, why not boost up the digital game by switching to digital IDs, right?

Though an ID card with a student photo, name, blood group, residential address, contact number and other identifying information is a basic necessity, a step up towards contactless smart ID cards is definitely a better option to add more layers of security. Because with plastic ID cards, the chances of the cards getting cloned or lost always remain. Also, it adds more privacy concerns due to the lack of advanced features or systems like emergency tracking. In comparison, digital ID card for students brings a host of advanced features. From the classroom to the library to the gym to the cafeteria, readers for digital student ID cards can be installed anywhere. The real-time tracking, easy maintenance, and control access points are what make it more useful.

How does a digital ID card improve student engagement?

Keeping up with students’ expectations is what works to set up an environment that can achieve better engagement. And empowering the millennials and gen z students with the digital ID card can definitely provide them with the ability to actively engage with their environment.

Ease of access to student services

Digital IDs not only be used to enter a school or college premises; they work as proof of identity for many other purposes as well. The followings are some situations students will find the usefulness of digital student ID.

  • A digital ID card will allow students to borrow books from the library
  • They can use school printers, scanners or photocopiers
  • It will provide them access to administrative buildings
  • It will make room for students to get active with an on-campus athletic facility
  • It confirms the identity of students attending an examination
  • Provide student discount on any concession tickets

Just imagine Walking around campus and seeing how easily accessible the campus’s library, halls, and other resources are just by using the digital ID as a pass. It indeed makes a difference. And when students get easy and better access to the university’s learning and support services, they become more involved and productive.

Eliminate lineups

When students have many tasks to perform, there is no chance that they will enjoy the long queue congestion and crowd that occurs due to verifying identity documents manually, especially during rush hour. Luckily, digital ID card systems offer a safer and touchless queue check-in for students. This eventually improves the engagement and productivity of the students by allowing for better time management.

Ensured safety

Safety has always been of utmost importance when it comes to educational institutions. Ensuring safety provides students with an environment that is more encouraging. And to keep students safe on and off campus, investing in a digital ID card app is of great use. From keeping track of attendance and absences to managing guests’ and visitor’s check-in, a digital ID card system is one of the safest ways to manage access to buildings and facilities. Students seeing the basic safety needs getting fulfilled feel more comfortable exploring, learning and growing. They feel encouraged to participate in any afterschool events and extra-curricular activities.

Creating the digital identity is itself engaging

Unlike a traditional ID card-making system, creating a digital identity requires no printing. Also, applying custom fields, logos, fonts, and backgrounds has never been easy. Students can make in-app photo submissions by taking their own photos in the mobile app. Students require only a minimum amount of time to change or edit any settings of preference they need. Also another fun fact is that many ID platforms allow students to save their ID in Apple Wallet and Google Pay, which enable them to use just their mobile phone to gain access to events and libraries or pay for food.

Now, if you are pumped about the idea of going digital, remember creating a digital ID card system from stretch can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. The wisest solution would be to use a digital ID platform.

Find out more about Chamera today!

Digital ID is a great idea. But why Chamera?

Chamera is a trusted digital ID card maker who can walk you through your requirements, streamlining your administrating functions and the safety of your institutions. The application software comes with a customisation facility and can be used by both institutions and students. You can simply pick any of the pre-built professional-looking templates and customise them to match your institution’s branding. All it requires is a few minutes to be done with the design and get it prepared. Additionally,

  • the app is free
  • no need to engage an external third party to control the student database
  • the artificial intelligence photo editing tool of the app allows users to add backgrounds and edit photos as per choice
  • ID cards can be saved to both Apple Wallet and Google Pay
  • the software allows students to perform in-app photo submission

So when you have access to all the modern facilities like barcode management, digital wallet access, secured data storing, DIY photography options and design customisation in one single software, there is no doubt in saying that Chamera could be a great solution.